Playing with Symfony4

Silex was a great microframework from the developers of Symfony. It was quite lightweight, easy to get into, logical in its structure, and I dove in both feet. Up until that point I had bee morally approved to frameworks - using Symfony 3 I found it very bloated, a bit rigid, and it felt slower in both developing and executing than just writing things from scratch.

Silex gave me the right mix between mandated structure and freeform, and I slowly grew to enjoy the Controller logic and modular coding. Naturally, the Symfony developers end of lifed it and now we have to move to Symfony 4.

The pain the pain the...

Wait, it's not that bad. Building a new site is simpler now they have their create-project syntax figured out better. Playing with it at home, I built a quick mockup app in moderate record time, even taking an hour to work on redeveloping my employer's SSO component into it. Logical. Well documented.

It still feels slower though. I really like the [playful? low-commitment? experimental?] feel of the microframework. I looked at Laravel's microframework but was turned off by it's API-focused reviews. Slim I looked at, a few others as well. Does anyone have a favourite microframework I must use?