Parody: Host in the Cloud

With apologies to all artists behind Send in the Clowns. A 10-minute-to-write parody.

We will get rich
Us as a pair
You with your clever idea
Me with thin-air
Host in the cloud...

Isn't it bliss?
One click "approve"
No need to read the T&Cs
Just up and move
Into the cloud
Host in the cloud

Now that you've stopped, needing servers
Your bottom line will be bursting your doors
Making cash hand over fist without server upkeep
No business plans,
Competitors weep

Uptime's five nines
(Not a guarantee)
Hiring imag'nry PCs
With real money
Host in the cloud
We're all in the cloud
Your credit card's here...

Well I got rich,
Not you I fear,
Never mind let's try again
Your new idea...
Host in my cloud
Cash in the cloud
No? Maybe next year...

Imported comments

  1. [Ged Maybury, 2018-01-29 20:35:40] You are a clever man, Von Explaino (whoever you are. Yes; one day I will discover your secret identity!)

    I shall never forget your Dr Seuss / Steampunk poem. - Genius stuff, and I know geniuses when I see them! Still think it would make a good book.

  2. [Professor von Explaino, 2018-01-29 21:42:39] Thank you very kindly, Ged. And as per my secret identity, it was me all along!

  3. [Ged Maybury, 2018-01-30 00:04:40] Curse you, Von Explaino, you're entirely too clever! But I'll get you one day. Yes I will!