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Social butterfly that I am1, I'm taking a break from Facebook2. It's day three and... I feel quite a bit less stressed. I'm not sure the root cause is yet, I have theories about habit and unexpected-terrible-news-when-I'm-looking-to-catch-up-with-friends, but I'm going to keep the hiatus up for the time being.

EDIT: Following up, I'm enjoying the unFacebook/ privacy feeling so much I've grabbed a Greasemonkey script to delete my Facebook activity that's over 30 days old. You can download your timeline first, which I'd recommend, but still - knowing that your years of harvestable, private data is removed from mining? Delightful.

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  1. [Ged Maybury, 2017-01-07 14:31:35] good plan, sir! See you on the other side(*)! Whatever that is. Is there an other-side to FB, these days, or has it now swallowed the world?

    ( * Did you read my blog so-titled?)

  2. [Professor von Explaino, 2017-01-07 14:56:52] I did read your blog on just this activity (way back in Feb 2015, but still remember it). This was more prompted by reading yet more data-harvesting/ privacy concerns and a general malaise. Facebook has indeed swallowed the world, but more and more recently I'm happy enough to not be part of the world anyway. I'm still Twittering, Tumbling and Google+-ing, as they all have their own societal niche. I'm more convinced now than before that Facebook's social positives are well outweighed by the negatives the site brings. I do hope that Pillowfort can pick up the social connection slack that leaving Facebook has created. We shall see.

  3. [Ged Maybury, 2017-01-07 22:01:08] I'm trying to find out more about Pillowfort - but the internet is strangely empty (except for a line of children's clothes and a lot of very lame memes).

    Tell me more.

  4. [Professor von Explaino, 2017-01-08 07:19:01] Incoming more, by way of a FAQ and the Indiegogo Project!

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