Outside at Lunch

I’m making an effort this year to eat lunch not at my work desk. I work in IT, with the computer on my desk connected to the ever-full-shiny Internet, so eating at the desk seemed OK. I don’t think it was. Outside has air for a start.

I take a bag to work every day, take nothing out of it, and take it home at the end of the day. I take the bag to work because it’s work and I don’t have a briefcase, but aren’t I supposed to take a bag in to work in case I need to take something home… that I can’t just email myself. Yes, it’s a tad silly. BUT, every day I took in my “ideas” book I got from Italy. A lovely leather book full of mostly blank pages. So, I took that out, grabbed my lunch, and sat outside for half an hour eating and planning the next program I wanted to build. And it felt good to not be seated at my desk having lunch staring at the screen as if it was work. I was out, it was sunny, I was writing and enjoying it. So I’m going to try and do that more often. I suggest those of you who eat lunch at their desks try this too, maybe for a week. I may be old (definitely old-fashioned or at least old-fetishising (steampulp!)) but it’s worth a try.

Hoping to get some kid-free time to try writing code for fun again. We’ll see how that goes.

We’ve also got a celebration of a project finally finishing at work – and they’ve promised me a Steampunk-dress-up themed event. I’m going to take all my spare waistcoats in for those who don’t have accoutrements. Remind me to post pictures.