Laboratory no more

I no longer have a laboratory.

The old house was proving too small for the growing family and after much searching we have a new home. Unfortunately this house does not have the large, unused under area that could be transformed into a steampunk retreat. I had some of my friends help me pack and say goodbye to the lab that was, consigning half built gadgetry and lab doodaddery to boxes marked Fragile and Do Not Stack.

The new house has given me an office again. The last six months of the PC propped up on the bedroom bench top have been less than ideal. Bright side, that gives me a room that I use often, and a large collection of devicery to play with. So, good bye barely used and barely visited laboratory, and hello living workspace. I’ve downsized to the furniture I liked the best, and I’m continuing to declutter (except for artistically pleasing clutter, a mad scientist has to draw the line somewhere) and streamline my science. Minimalism and steampunk can seem at odds, but I’m giving it a try. Well, minimalism may be an unachievable stretch goal – maybe I’ll just aim for “on a shelf or in a donation box” to start with.