Combining interests: Application Graveyard

Looking around my site you’ll see some of the applications I’ve toyed with over the years; I’m a web application programmer by trade and I love to tinker. Today walking into the office with a coworker and we were discussion decommissioning a number of applications from a server and I decided we needed to memorialise this. Not just by taking the server out the back and hitting it with an EMP, but an enduring legacy to applications time forgot.

An application graveyard if you will.

We’re going to be approaching this as an free-time team concept, but I’m naturally pitching a Dr Frankenstein-esque reanimation chamber attached to the graveyard in case we need to resurrect old code. Little tesla coils, jacobs ladders (nonfunctional for safety and to prevent zapping the keytombs). Of course, giving the reanimation chamber a USB doc for direct data access would be ridiculous, and thus I will insist on it.

Please add any additions or counter-ideas in the comments below.

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  1. [t'grandmaster, 2015-02-12 23:26:15] I also kind of imagine an elephant's graveyard for old apps. Archeologists digging through the lost repos of the hub of gits, guessing how these projects came to be gathered in the same place. Their dependencies missing, stolen by package manager poachers...