New Device: Telecommunicator Re-Enpowerer.

Finally getting around to working on my iPhone dock. I've had this partially envisioned for over a year, but never dedicated the time required to get building/ designing work happening. I'd sketch a few ideas and immediately self-distract with something pointless. I'd stain the plaque walnut and then give it 3 months to dry. But last year with Blender being free and Shapeways being afordable I printed out a Professor von Explaino icon and thought "well this works well". So I printed out the cog-piece stands and they turned out quite well. Got gold paint and finally started work in earnest. Still, I can never decide, do I want Crystals or Brains as a power source?

Balsa wood, 3d printed gear stubs I made using Blender and printed via Shapeways, a plaque-base from Bunnings, walnut stain, gold spray paint, red velvet, ironing-board heat insulating foam, fancy brass hinges and corner pieces, a lamp piece, plastic tube from a toy fish package, crystal from one of our travels.