PB 2013

It looks like Icarus used Phoenix wing feathers, because Prometheus Bound rose again in September. Check/ join the PB facebook group to see more pictures - and to hopefully come along next time if you haven't already. Thanks to Loose Lemur from Steamfest, Professor von Explaino attended in a brand new formal waistcoat (and facial hair).

That gives me an old white vest, an adventuring leather vest, the "mullet" blue vest, the mad red waistcoat and finally the new green professional waistcoat. I'm quite happy with the collection, even if I'm too tall for the first three (bought in the hope that it was just waistline that was meaning the coats were coming up short. Nope. Could still lose 10Kg though). I think this acquisition is what bounced be back to the devicery path. Considering more lifestyle steampunk devices rather than portable outfitery this time around. We'll see how long that lasts.