Back into Devices

It's been a while but I'm starting to get back into tinkering. Inspired by a friend showing me how his 3D printer worked I downloaded Blender and after HOURS of work (I'm more mathematical than artistic - I think it'd be easier to learn Python and use that to create images than spend all the time I did trying to adjust points by the teeniest amount to look good), came up with a version of my logo that wasn't too shabby. Lacking a printer myself, I decided to try Shapeways. After 5 submissions, with feedback for the first four times telling me why the designs were rejected (parts not joined correctly, parts being too thin for the material chosen, sensible stuff that needed a human engineer to work out) I finally got a working design that shipped to me and arrived today. VoilĂ .

I'm quite happy with it. The backing's a bit thin but I can refine that, and I need to adjust the lip of the test tube so it's more obvious. It should make a good badge (esp. with the thicker back), and if I get a number of them they'll be great maker's logos to go on devices. Now I just need to figure out how to paint them properly, not having any modelling experience myself. Any suggestions?