Projémon: The All-consuming Meeting

The All-consuming Meeting (Congressus totus-consumens) is another resource-competitor to the Project, which focuses on the environment, rather than the Project itself.

Evolution and Taxonomy

The All-consuming Meeting is an aggressive offshoot of the Status-update meeting. The Status-update meeting has a symbiotic relationship with Projects, allowing the Project time to examine its own progress and to better manage its natural resources in building its 'end product'. The Project pays for this with some of its time and people resources while the meeting is active, gaining them back once the meeting returns to dormancy.

Biology and Defence

The All-consuming Meeting has lost the trigger to dormancy that prevents over-aggressive resource extraction, to the point of requiring more time and people resources to feed it than are being devoted to the 'end product'. More dangerously, Projects that have suffered from an All-consuming Meeting retain a distrust of any Meeting (even the beneficial Status-update), this learned behaviour can be passed on to the Project's descendants. Modern Projects have had to evolve another form of barrier between itself and a meeting, called the Agenda. The structure of the agenda precisely limits the resource sharing between Project and Meeting. Note that the agenda is not a passive defence, if not actively engaged the Meeting may be unable to digest the agenda but will still drain the resources the agenda was meant to shield.