Projémon: The Looming Deadline

The Looming Deadline (Tempus advenientis) is an ambush predator that has a highly evolved camouflage technique.

Evolution and Taxonomy

The ancestor of the Looming Deadline shared a habitat with the ancestors of the common household Calendar (Tempus paulo-quadrati). The future was a threat to the early humans, always having to be watched for sudden changes or impending threats, until it was safely domesticated into little boxes. This influenced the Looming Deadline's evolutionary path to mimic that of the parasite Cymothoa exigua. This fish-exclusive parasite replaces a fishes tongue and then feeds off the creature – the Looming Deadline instead replaces one of the Calendar's days in a near-perfect replica.

Biology and Defence

The feeding pattern of the Looming Deadline is so efficient that even near misses can be deadly to a weaker Project; the struggle of defending itself resulting in lethal resource deprivation. Additionally, the Looming Deadline is not a solitary predator; successive unexpected assaults can bring down even the strongest Project. The modern Project has a technique at its disposal for self-defence: Looming Deadlines are marked with ink or dye (its Milestones being particularly susceptible), warning the Project and its handlers by negating the much needed ambush advantage.