First Annual Steamfest event

This weekend just gone was emblazoned mightily in local steampunkian calendars; lo (and/ or verily) it held the first Steamfest annual convention - celebrating steampunk loudly, proudly and with the help of international guests.

It had G D Falksen (writer, 'that guy with the steampunk arm who always shows up in google searches for Steampunk'), Abney Park (band, airship pirates), Unwoman (musician, appears to have lost most of her cello), Evelyn Kriete (editor, author, fashion designer, stylist, co-founder of Gilded Age Records, wow), Starboy (musician, movie maker, holy crivens the outfits), The Mouldy Lovers (band, 8 piece, Cat Empiresque) and Rapskallion (band, burlesque-esque, got a conga line going in Abney Park's set, such fun). It had clothing stalls, accoutrement vendors, a blacksmiths and other purveyors of steampunkery. It had snow cones (so good for Brisbane Winter, honestly, so darn hot). It had a steam train outside the venue running every hour for the authentic experience of steamtrainery. It had duels by boxing, sabre, bartitsu and others by the European Defensive Arts School.

Summary, it had tonnes of things to do, see, hear and enjoy. And that's not including the Spectacular outfits on display by the attendees.

I helped supply equipment for the Steampunk Ghostbusters - who were raising money for cancer research and ended the weekend with just under $450 raised - a brilliant result.

Here are links to other writeups/ galleries of the event: