Prometheus Bound/ Bloodlust Ball

The August Prometheus Bound held something different this year, a cross-over with the event organiser's 90's event for goths: the Bloodlust Ball. Combining the two was a lot of fun; especially for those of us who like adjusting their outfits to fit the PB's many themes.

Professor von Explaino was decked out in an anti-vampire chastity belt (neck brace), a celestium H20 ejector (holy water sprayer) and a collection of vampiric samples to go with his revamped Corset Analyzer. Baron von Borg's latest arm was an arsenal of epic proportions - with a detachable copper cross, ampules of colloidal silver and garlic, and a wooden cross cannon with leg-braced spare ammunition. Fantastic.

The event itself had a collection of fabulous extras. Along with the upstairs band area and the downstairs raver pit, the stalls had expanded to include a gaming stores' game of skill for prizes, various shops of leather and jewlery goods, but my favourites were the steampunk scents booth and the photo area for professional snaps. There was tea and coffee making facilities and regular snacks to keep your strength up. We managed to snag a long bench for displaying our items of invention - not for sale just for show. People seemed to enjoy it; along with our items I brought along the 1000 Steampunk Creations and Steampunk Bible books. They were well examined by the end of the night, with people promising to hunt them down for their own ownership.

Along with the collection of photos below, you can find professional portraiture photos and the linked URL. Well you could find photos. The site is now offline and the pictures are not indexed in Blast it.

Imported comments

  1. [Joanne Perry, 2012-03-26 12:46:38] The first Bloodlust Ball was held at Babble On Café in Elizabeth Street, Brisbane in 1994. The event ran for five years the first three by the Carpathian Magistratus Vampyre Society the last two privately by a committee. The Bloodlust Balls were to become one of Brisbane's biggest gothic alternative events in the 1990's. The Bloodlust Ball held art shows, fashion Parades, live music from Brisbane bands like Ostia, Jocinda Brown, Dogmachine, Tycho Brahe just to name a few. It had mad magicians, performance art and Dj's like Faith's Richard, Will from Midian, Mr Manson and Morella Eastgate (aka Joanne Perry) CMVS president.

    You can find the website or you can find them on facebook.They have a CMVS page and a Bloodlust Ball Australia page.

    In 2011 The Bloodlust Ball was revived with the creator Joanne Perry's blessing in conjunction with Prometheus Bound incorporating gothic, vampire and steam punk.

  2. [Professor von Explaino, 2012-03-29 23:50:27] Thanks for the additional information, Joanne. Science demands facts and citations; no better place for those than the original source.

  3. [Joanne Perry, 2012-05-02 10:35:40] You are most welcome. The CMVS is looking for articles for a magazine this year if anyone would like to submit articles on their vampire botherer equipment they would be most welcome. There will be another Bloodlust Ball this year presented by the Carpathian Magistratus Vampyre Society and hopefully the resident priests and Van Helsing appreciation society will attend.