Steampunk Picnic

The Queen's Birthday weekend was the perfect time to schedule a steampunk picnic in Brisbane. So, ROSEA did.

This one was extra special for me as my wife Jocelyn made an effort to steampunk her attire, and my son Sean came along too. He wore a punk shirt, as he doesn't fit his waistcoat and long-sleeve shirt yet. The picnic was very well attended, and a good friend went to the effort of baking a Doctor Steel cake. I had set the challenge in the STEAM group for people to bring along steampunk-style street food. Nobody else did, but Jocelyn and I made cornbread (American colony), Felafel (Middle eastern trading partners) and Chinese dumplings (China trading partners). They all went down very nicely; my felafels were a bit watery because it wasn't until later I saw the 1 cup measurement was American (200mL) rather than Australian (250mL). Curses.

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