Euchronia was the Steampunk New Years Eve party organised by the Antipodean League of Temporal Voyagers. It last ran in 2008 and was so successful they postponed it for a year to make sure it remained novel. I'm not entirely certain how that works, but boy was this year's a hum-dinger! Baron von Borg, Lady Alexander, the Cerulean and Gil of ROSEA joined me in attending; the Cerulean also brought along an independent contractor as her offsider for the evening so it was an even numbered affair.

The night was positively epic, with live Tesla coils and Van de Graaff generators in the entrance hall; numerous different entertainment outfits, a maker's stall hall (where I finally found the cravat I hadn't known I'd been looking for) and a musical area in the basement where an organ played dirges via keyboard and tuned Jacobs' Ladders.

I also finally met the Mad Uncle himself - I have been following his blog for quite some time and getting to introduce myself and have a quick chat was a treat. My device did arrive late into the event due to misadventure, but I did manage to parade around wearing the Thingometer mark V with corset analysing attachment. Lady Aleksander allowed me to use my hypno-ray for the evening as well (I'm... not... quite sure how that permission tree works), so I didn't feel completely device bereft. The Thingometer's leg strap does make me walk a little funny but it has the advantage of being completely hands free and a little bit different to everyone else's equipment.

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