Devices: Corset inspector, RandOmniscope, Corset Inspector ID

Continuing Professor von Explaino's investigations into every realm of science (due to his expertise in the field of Omniology), and inspired by Cheyenne Wright's Corset Inspector badge, I have created two new devices that were to be shown off at the next Prometheus Bound. As that was unfortunately cancelled, we reconvened to the nerd friendly Mana Bar and had an impromtu steam gathering. Those of you on Facebook can see the results of the outing at the Mana Bar's Facebook page

The Corset Inspector uses a compass that was a gift by some very good friends of mine in Melbourne. During the flight up the face came off, but that meant that I could replace the dial on the compass with content of my own choosing. Whipping up a Gauge Generator in PHP (ed: since deprecated), I tinkered with it enough that I could print out a Corset Analyser-esque gauge for telling just how sexy a lady was in her corset. I bought some EL Wire online, this wire glows when you put a current through it and it's very hardy and flexible; and by a freak of chance it was perfectly sized to slip into the Needle Lock hole in the compass, and when I put the EL Wire's cap back on the wire wouldn't slip out Perfect! I cannibalised the Thing-o-Meter's lamp shade back to hide the Wire's on-off switch as well as to function as the Corset Collector Contraption that was, in theory, to be placed on the corset for analysis and affixed with a suction cup. Experimentation proved suction cups unable to stick to corsets, and other methods of affixation would result in corset damage, so it would have to be held on. Drat.

The RandOmniscope was cannibalised from the device created for an Egyptian Themed Prometheus Bound, where the tube contained a feather that Professor von Explaino had found on a set of scales with a mummified heart on the other end. Most peculiar. The feather was replaced with copper wire that had been wound around a pen to make it more fuse shaped; and again the EL wire turned out to fit perfectly into the device and the plastic cap prevented it from being pulled out accidentally.

The Corset Inspector badge contains the afforementioned badge, the ID from Girl Genius's individual issues way back in 2001/2002, an old picture of PVE (before his homburg even!) sepia toned and a great faux-leather ID case that lest the badge be used as an FBI badge. A great find by Baron von Borg.

Imported comments

  1. [finophile, 2010-09-22 11:01:27] so, you weren't just feelin 'er up, it was a genuine corset inspection.

  2. [Professor von Explaino, 2010-09-26 07:37:25] Precisely. Even the laws of decency have their authorised patrol-men who can flaunt said laws when the greater good is served.

  3. [Scott, 2010-11-25 22:11:09] Dear Professor,

    I ask you, why not try installing a magnet inside the Corset Inspector's suction cup? That way if the corset is steel-boned (as any corset worth its price should be), the suction cup should become magnetically affixed to the corset being probed (I came to this idea because I am, personally speaking, magnetically attracted to women in corsets myself).

    Yours in 'Science!',


  4. [Professor von Explaino, 2010-11-28 11:52:20] Most of the suction cup devices I've got a very heavy, as they've got to look the part rather than just being a plastic cup. I'll have to investigate in some light-weight models.