Professor von Explaino: next device

I appologise for being dark, but I haven't completed any new works to write about; instead I'm going to canvas for opinions on the Professor's next device. The thing-o-meter has been grand, but I think it's time to upgrade to something backpack powered. So far the logic is as follows

  • Brass or copper back-pack.
  • Build in some of the random odds and ends I have in my Parts cabinet to turn the backpack into the power-supply for the device.
  • Remove the plunger-scope from the thing-o-meter and attach it to the device
  • Incorporate a bandolier-like structure with a clip for the plunger-scope
  • Put more lights into the plunger-attachment with a switch of some sort, somewhere
  • I really want to have a centripetal regulator somewhere. Just because they're cool.

I'm not attaching a sketch because I'm frankly embarrassed by the quality of sketches I've put together; they'll stay private for now. Until then, does anyone else have any favoured aspects of steampunkular science that I should take care not to neglect in this construction?