ROSEA and the Duplimorphs, part four

Ignorning the casino's glitzy and glamourous (according to their flyers) exterior, the Cerulean led the way into the first of many darkened and seedy alleyways that nested behind the safe, shiny front. People looked up at the group as they ran past, the scream not having any to do with them some complained about the intrusion, others quickly put away items of negotiable legality. ROSEA paid no attention, soon ammassing as a group on the grass of a forgotten garden, highwalled tenemants surrounding it having been built with scant regard for the greenery. With the others acclimatising to the sudden re-amergence of light, the Cerulean stood waiting by a hedge-rimmed bed. When finally the others came over she walked off to continue the investigation while the Professor retuned his device to examine what was most likely a corpse.

Only most likely due to the fact the garden was awash with gore and bone. A grim discovery. The Professor was quickly joined by the Baron, Captain Adventure and - after some prodding by Lady Alex - Christoph. Oddly, the remains had pooled in patterns and shapes, meaning they wouldn't need new boots in the not too distant future.

<von Explaino> Yes, it is human. Only one. Male. Liked his coffee straight and turkish.

<Baron> A gut man, zen.

<Christoph> How can you tell?

<von Explaino> Science!

<Christoph> Ah.

Experience had taught Christoph that when he received that answer, that was the only one he would receive until the investigation was over. So saying, he walked over to join Lady Alex who was writing exactly the right sort of scandal that would possibly net her further... money of mutual benefit. With the Baron's help, and Adventure's prodding, Professor von Explaino soon had his device adjusted to trace readings he had found on the remains. Almost immediately it lit up with a glow, carefully swinging the concave collection contraption end the destination was soon discovered. Adventure immediately started propelling the Professor in that direction - the hint was quickly picked up by all and the race continued!