ROSEA and the Duplimorphs, part five

Again the group ran through the darkened alleyways of London. This time they were blessed with an interruption free journey, the unearthly glow of the Professor's detection device lit the concentration in his features to a degree that even the faithless, forgotten masses crossed themselves fervently as they passed. However, the Baron soon noticed they were being avoided by a better class of underprivileged and called a halt to the headlong chase. Then grabbed Adventure by the collar to actually stop him.

The Baron motioned the group to quiet, their current location bereft of any soul but theirs. Utilising his arm-ament case, he swapped the gripper for the illuminator and proceeded to check their passage.

Just as he suspected, their rush had taken them to the governmental district. What foul horrors could this beast wreak if given unchecked access to the humble lords and other lords of London? He made his way back to the group, relayed the message, then asked where von Explaino was. The unanswered question was resolved a short while later when the Professor returned, claiming he had been using a map and his device to tetrangulate the precise location of the readings. A plan was drawn up and hastily enacted, for the target was none other than the registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. Records of everyone in London (well, ignoring the unregistered, of course) - in the hands (or equivalent) of these creatures think of the horrors!

They did. And regretted it. So thought of tea. This was a better option.

Not taking no for an answer, Lady Alex lead the way - hungry for a story. Adventure came next, having primed the M.A.P.C.A.S.E he was prepared for the worst. von Explaino was third, having experience in such matters he was putting on his sturdiest and most replacable gloves. Baron von Borg kept the illuminator low but ready for immediate activation.

So intent on the assault were they, that they didn't hear the Cerulean's calls for attention - whoever was in the back of any assault always called out for what was going on. It was tradition, so much so that she had to physically haul Christoph to turn around, too late as at that instant the group had their numbers halved by a sudden burst of light and sound.

Imported comments

  1. [Lady Alex, 2009-07-16 13:14:20] Dear Gods! What happened next?

    I recall surviving this event, so I suspect nothing too ghastly.

  2. [Professor von Explaino, 2009-07-23 21:10:17] I feel it best to leave the tale where it lies, now. After all the rest is a matter of public record, nothing gained re-rehashing old ground.