Steampulp Laboratory - Beginnings

When my wife and I were going house hunting, I had a simple requirement for any house we were looking at. There had to be a room that could be come my 'laboratory'. Or, rather, the laboratory of Professor von Explaino. We looked at a number of houses that had spare rooms where I could have a combined study/ laboratory but we eventually found one place that was great. It was a raised 1960's house. Fibro on the top, but bricked in underneath. One side held the garage and laundry, the other had a bathroom but a large, concrete floored area that was below legal height so couldn't be classified as a room. Brick walls, concrete floor, exposed beam ceiling. Enough room that we could split it between my wife and myself so we both have some areas to indulge our hobbies.

We've been in the house just over five years now, and the laboratory has had work performed on it in a very sparodic basis. With the continual help of very close — and similarly mad — friends, it's getting closer to being a true, fake laboratory. Laboratory-tagged posts in this journal will be looking at the unfortunately very gradual transformation of this area from unused space to the laboratory demanded by Professor von Explaino.