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First Contest

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Inspired by an article on Silver Goggles ("Friendly" Tech) I'm holding a contest. I'd like submissions of the finest FRIENDLY1 personally carried steampunk devices that you wear. A whole swathe of the costumed focus in Steampunk regalia is weapon related2, and I think we need to shift gears3. I know there are a lot of non-weapon/ non-aggressive steampunk accoutrements out there, and I want to shine a reward-laden light on those efforts.

Explaining: DRM Using Greek Mythology

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Digital Rights Management has always had more basis in faith than science. Media companies cling to it as holy doctrine, quoting scripture and verse about fiscal damage caused by a single shared song that impacts the studio's bottom line with a Fibonnacian acceleration. Even their own publicising of evidence to the contrary fails to deter their conviction1. The only reasonable response, then, is to approach the issue on their terms. Therefor, I shall explain Digital Rights Management using Greek Mythology2.

Welcome, Courier Mail readers

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Recently the Steampunks of Brisbane were interviewed by Michael Lund of the Courier Mail regarding, well, Steampunk. Entitled "Letting off steam", the article paints quite a good picture of the Steampunk subculture's life in the city and has a number of stop-off points to find out more. One of them is this very site, so to further your Steampunkian education I've collated as much as I can of my Steampunk-related bookmarks into this post. There may be a test.

Royal Omnitological Society for Electrodyne Adventurers

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ROSEA is an acronym for the Royal Omnitological Society for Electrodyne Adventurers. It was founded in the late 1800s to combine the talents of various skilled individuals from across the globe into one organisation, ostensibly to centrally resource exploration and discovery. Digging deeper, some people have formed suspicions that Her Majesty wanted to be able to lay claim to more knowledge and land than she could gather by her own resources. Still, ROSEA is dedicated the the pursuit of knowledge, adventure, and to find out what’s behind that thing over there.

Mandatory Bieber Thoughts

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My thoughts are similar to other thoughts, however it appears that you must write a blog post about Bieber's Christmas song in order to keep your steampunk license, so here goes.

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Reanimated

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There was a call for submissions to a Steampunk Shakespeare anthology in 2010, I made a comment on Twitter about "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Reanimated". There was enough amused responses that I wrote something up. I spoke to one of the editors of the anthology and they said they were only taking Real Shakespeare plays and sonnets, so my parody wasn't going to make it in. Still, I was amused enough to finish it, ask some friends for feedback, and finally here it is. Please let me know what you think.

Prometheus Bound/ Bloodlust Ball

The August Prometheus Bound held something different this year, a cross-over with the event organiser's 90's event for goths: the Bloodlust Ball. Combining the two was a lot of fun; especially for those of us who like adjusting their outfits to fit the PB's many themes.

Steampunk Picnic

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The Queen's Birthday weekend was the perfect time to schedule a steampunk picnic in Brisbane. So, ROSEA did.

Changes and Supanova 2011

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I haven’t posted for a while as my wife and I have been getting ready for a rather large change in our lives. We now have a son! Sean is his name, and we’re very proud. Getting used to a lot less sleep is… interesting, but today my wife told me to go out and have fun because Supanova, the premier Australian pop culture expo, was in town. Time to take the Professor mingling!


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Euchronia was the Steampunk New Years Eve party organised by the Antipodean League of Temporal Voyagers. It last ran in 2008 and was so successful they postponed it for a year to make sure it remained novel. I'm not entirely certain how that works, but boy was this year's a hum-dinger! Baron von Borg, Lady Alexander, the Cerulean and Gil of ROSEA joined me in attending; the Cerulean also brought along an independent contractor as her offsider for the evening so it was an even numbered affair.

Books: Parasol Protectorate

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A while ago I was contacted by the makers of Steampunk Magazine for the iPhone and asked to check out their application. I did, and it was fun, and inspired me to look into more Steampunk Books. A series that I really enjoy is the Parasol Protectorate by Gail Carriger.

Devices: Corset inspector, RandOmniscope, Corset Inspector ID

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Continuing Professor von Explaino's investigations into every realm of science (due to his expertise in the field of Omniology), and inspired by Cheyenne Wright's Corset Inspector badge, I have created two new devices that were to be shown off at the next Prometheus Bound. As that was unfortunately cancelled, we reconvened to the nerd friendly Mana Bar and had an impromtu steam gathering. Those of you on Facebook can see the results of the outing at the Mana Bar's Facebook page

The Australian Internet Filter as explained via Beer

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It has occurred to me that the Australian Internet Filter is being debated at such a high level that the average person will not understand what the fuss is about. After all, child pornography is bad and the filter will stop that badness (so they've been told), which means people are either pro-filter or child pornographers1. This is not the fault of the average person. By keeping actual intelligent discourse at bay via whinging and bluster, both the pro-filter and anti-filter camps are doing all parties2 a disservice. Time to change the game by framing the argument how true, thoughtful, engaged, REAL Australians will understand. By comparing it to booze.