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Thinking of joining the Now page movement

Post Tumblr

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RSS/ Atom feeds already work great for sharing content. I’ve never stopped having an RSS reader and keep up with tonnes of blogs and comics that way. All my blogs have RSS feeds because syndication in this way is just easier, and reading things like comics/ big articles is better RSS fed than Tumblr fed IMHO. But the standards haven't evolved with how we're using the web these days. It's more interactive than firehose.

Nearly there

I've nearly got this working.

BitBucket for Blogging?


So I've been inspired by some super-smart tech people on my Twitter timeline to see if I can replace my blogging solution with something much simpler. A Static blog makes sense to me, why load the same dang thing from the database all the time when it changes rarely?

Changing Ways

not in my fandom rpg sexuality spectrum werewolf the apocalypse

I’m a big fan of Werewolf the Apocalypse. The Onyx Path created W20 edition (2oth anniversary) was a masterpiece of modernization, taking a fatalistic "We're doomed, but we're going down fighting" and making it "We are mostly doomed, but if we don't give in there's a chance." Giving the werewolf a world/ millennia spanning history/ culture/ purpose/ feel was a tough follow up to White Wolf’s previous Vampire games, but boy did Werewolf deliver. After years of regret I’ve managed to acquire my Glasswalker dog tags, and already I’m annoying the Princess of Amber by wearing it everywhere.