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Playing with SVG and Animations

Playing around with delighters for my web site. This time: SVG animations.

code experimentation

Leo Moracchioli

Leo Moracchioli creates metal versions of songs.

review somethingpunk metal

Squash and a Squeeze

Latest installment of Nursery Rhymes for Upper Management: A Squash and a Squeeze

parody comedy management code

Now pages

Thinking of joining the Now page movement


Happy New Years, 2019

A happy new year to you



CodeStats, a good replacement for Codeivate

review code

Copperheart: a Rigg Stories Audiodrama

I have been waiting ages to be able to reveal this bit of exciting steampunk newsery. I'm in a podcast! The credits page has been officially released as of today.

clockwork looking glass clockwork pandora michael j rigg steampunk podcast edn6174 copperheart steamrollers adventure podcast