Colin as Professor von Explaino, circa 2013


I'm Colin Morris, this site contains little web-widgets I've built over the years along with documenting some of my explorations of the steampunk genre.

For the code-savvy: I server-side code in PHP and web front end prefer Foundation. I'm very keen on the Behat implementation of Gherkin for user-testing and am happy to chat about my efforts. I have very little on github, I need to fix that. I'm also participating as much as I can in the IndieWeb, an excellent initiative for owning your own content. I have now joined Mastodon.

For the steampunk afficionado: I'm of the steampulp persuasion, a middling tinkerer, and a member of R.O.S.E.A, S.T.E.A.M and the Steampunk Ghostbusters.

On the social media front I'm on Tumblr at vonexplaino, Twitter at @vonexplaino and you can subscribe to my posts via RSS at my Blog feed.

My book

Cover of Code of the Coder
Code of the Coder

A collection of ways and disciplines for coders, based on both Bushido and Togakure-ryΕ« ninjutsu.


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I have a role in a scripted podcast!

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