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The GURPS character generator code has had an entweakening, using some new lessons learned. It also has, after demand, a PDF output! Please feel free to toy, test and tell me what I’ve done wrong.

It can even be related to the character generator.

With apologies to all artists behind Send in the Clowns. A 10-minute-to-write parody.

We will get rich
Us as a pair
You with your clever idea
Me with thin-air
Host in the cloud…

Isn’t it bliss?
One click “approve”
No need to read the T&Cs
Just up and move
Into the cloud
Host in the cloud

Now that you’ve stopped, needing servers
Your bottom line will be bursting your doors
Making cash hand over fist without server upkeep
No business plans,
Competitors weep

Uptime’s five nines
(Not a guarantee)
Hiring imag’nry PCs
With real money
Host in the cloud
We’re all in the cloud
Your credit card’s here…

Well I got rich,
Not you I fear,
Never mind let’s try again
Your new idea…
Host in my cloud
Cash in the cloud
No? Maybe next year…

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I’ve uploaded my Jageriser for people to play with. To use it, download and then:

1. Unpack the zip file. Inspect the code to assure yourself I’m doing nothing untoward (it’s good practice for any extension given to you in this manner).
2. Visit chrome://extensions in your Chrome browser.
3. Click “Load unpacked extension…”
4. Select this directory and click OK.
5. Voila! The extension is in place. Click the [j] icon to Jagerise a page.
Feedback please!

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So glad I’ve got time for dumb fun again.

Recoding the Site Jageriser so instead of it being a PHP script (that chews up my bandwidth something fierce) it’s a Chrome plugin. Partway done. So far, I’ve highly amused myself.

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As part of the upgrade, I played a bit with simple Javascript/ CSS animations for the Deck of Many Things for D&D. Let me know if you like it?

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The book I’m writing has advise in it for a coder. While I was writing it I found little bits of thought that I hadn’t put into practice. So I put them into practice. I’ve just updated my site from the ground up. Let me know if anything’s busted.

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I’m getting started on one of my long-dormant projects. Writing a tongue-in-check resource book, using a slice of von Explaino’s “Look At Things Through The Lens Of Something Else.” Participating in the Tech Misfits group on Facebook has helped me keep focus (thank you) and I’ve finished a first-ish draft of 13,823 words.

I’m very happy with this progress. Fingers cross momentum can keep up.