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I’ve collected a number of pins/ patches over the years. I’d like to use them but I don’t want to poke holes in all my clothes/ permanently affix patches to jackets I grow out of. What do you do with yours to bring them with you?

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In Australia the federal government has taken the very brave stance of showing they are completely unable to do their jobs in representing the people of Australia by holding a Marriage Equality plebiscite. Which is basically a no-commitment Survey, which binds no party to any action whatsoever. Geniuses.

I’m obviously voting yes, but some people are voting no.

Voting no is just wrong. It hurts people. It treats people as something less than people. It says their ability/ need to love is less than.
Hell, it turns people into Us and Them again, and we know how that works.
Please rethink it. People on the LGBTQIetc. deserve the recognition of love, commitment, honour, love, dedication, devotion, love, love, love. Marriage is a western ideal for joining people in mutual respect, support and love for as long as they live in same. That’s not a straights-only attribute.

I’d love to talk to anyone who thinks they should vote no, as I think you need to talk through it more. Hell, I’ll talk to those suffering through the indignity of this plebiscite if it’ll help. As a steampunker/ steampulper I think it’s our duty as history-adjacent visionaries to apply our thinking to reality where it’s possible. And equality is a goal that we CAN reach.

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My place of work has been a source of constant change for about 10 years now. Restructures, realignments, reorganizing; but we’re just about to hit a change that’s putting all the others to shame. Complete redesign. New reporting lines. External audit. The works. This is putting a strong strain on morale and highlighting our former collaborative culture has been eroded. Over the years we’ve had a few attempts at communities of practice for coders, getting people together from different areas, bouncing ideas off each other, trying to get a community going.

They have never panned out. The few interested people drive it while they’re at the wheel; but once they hand over or burn out it just. Stops. So I’m trying something different now, formalizing a Skunkworks. Over lunch, so it’s very laid-back and voluntary, and just talking to the people I know who are keen on doing _THINGS_ and see opportunities that are _MISSED_ because of budget or priorities or whatever. I’ve got three people interested and we’re doing it the right way – Git, repositories, projects, all the fun stuff. And I’m getting to work with people I wouldn’t normally work with, and it’s fun. Other people have seen our plans and have actually managed to offer some training space over the lunch break to use as work/ demonstration spaces.

This thing is useful for coders, sure, but definitely crafty-types would benefit from this to. So I’m looking for advise/ experience from people who’ve done this sort of thing? Pitfalls? Positives? Let everyone know.

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17/06/2017 13:04:32
With the rise of self driving vehicles, eventually there WILL be a country song about how your truck left you too.

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I’ll patch it later;
I’ll patch it later;

I didn’t patch it;
How was I supposed to know;
My system wasn’t right here;
I didn’t patch it;
I shouldn’t have let it go;
SMB’s compromised yeah;

An email, with attachment from Dale
I double click, wait-
Now my files don’t open, huh, what happened?

My filesystem’s corrupted now (what the?)
And someone’s now, extorting me (my money!)
If I don’t pay then I’ll lose my files
Bitcoins I’ll buy
I’ve been hit with WannaCry

– With apologies to Ms Spears