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Leo Moracchioli

Leo Moracchioli creates metal versions of songs.

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Squash and a Squeeze

Latest installment of Nursery Rhymes for Upper Management: A Squash and a Squeeze

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Now pages

Thinking of joining the Now page movement


Happy New Years, 2019

A happy new year to you



CodeStats, a good replacement for Codeivate

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Copperheart: a Rigg Stories Audiodrama

I have been waiting ages to be able to reveal this bit of exciting steampunk newsery. I'm in a podcast! The credits page has been officially released as of today.

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Post Tumblr

RSS/ Atom feeds already work great for sharing content. I’ve never stopped having an RSS reader and keep up with tonnes of blogs and comics that way. All my blogs have RSS feeds because syndication in this way is just easier, and reading things like comics/ big articles is better RSS fed than Tumblr fed IMHO. But the standards haven't evolved with how we're using the web these days. It's more interactive than firehose.

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