Welcome to the "Which World Of Darkness Denizen Are You?" Test.

Yes, it's another test which pigeon holes you based on about 10 questions. How efficient is that?

And no, its not on a black background. You guys have enough encouragement as it is, Gaia....

An attractive person of the sex you have (or had) feelings for walks over.

Your favourite type of movie is

Your ideal vacation is

Which of the following combinations "darkens your world"?

Your 'betters' are out of town. Something happens that requires your attention.

Which music works for you?

Somehow, you've ended up in a bar. Name your poison.

You're at a party. What reactions do you get?

You need cash!

You've just been eaten by each head of the Triatic Wyrm individually, and Caine's ripped your arms off and is busy impaling you with them, when what should happen but Wrinkle alters the flow of time so that you originated into this earth with your limbs in their current position (ie. one through chest, other through stomach), and a chorus of Autumn People are dancing a boot-scoot around your corpse. At that exact moment, a flower grows next to your body and a buttefly lands on it: