Lifepath generator


Sneaky and deceptive
Valued person
Brother or sister
Valued thing
World view
Every person is a valuable individual.
Early background
Poor: Just scraping by, day by day.
Childhood events
Your entire Family was Hunted by (or involved in a vendetta) with a powerful group, or organization.

Life events until current age of 20

Tragic romance. Lover died in accident or was murdered.
Made an enemy: From rival group or faction.
Made an enemy: Bitter ex-friend or lover.
Made a friend: Like a brother, sister or parent to you.
Nothing happened this year.

Current information

You're a freelancer; you work for yourself
I crave more money and power.

Superhero origin

Shape Changer

This is a broad category that includes growing, shrinking, density increase, or any change in shape or form that's the main source of powers. Often specializes in high stats; sometimes unusual powers like Adjustment Powers. Often combined with another type like Brick. Commonly Biochemical or Kinetic SFX, sometimes others.

Inherent, because of mutant, space alien interference and inherent, because of science experimentation.

Powered Armor

Wears an armored suit with built-in gadgets to generate powers. Could be a Brick or an Energy Projector by using the suit powers. Many different SFX, usually not Gate Key Power, Magic, or Psionics.

Self-created (should have necessary skills).

The above lifepath was generated using the Fuzion lifepath generator with the Superpowers plugin. They own it, I'm just making it simpler to use.